I needed to know who she'd been with before…

One of the many great things about Babette, my newly acquired 1964 2CV AZAM, is the fact she came with an entire folder full of records and receipts as well as a packed full CD of photos taken since 2007.

Of course the first benefit of this is to understand the rigorous maintenance she has been through in past years. It’s reassuring to know that previous owners didn’t just let her sit there not cared for.


They actually spent quite a bit of money on her which while being good, is also a little scary if that’s what awaits me.

And then I started digging a bit more and found everything from the BBC contract and insurance details in order for James May to drive Babette back in 2008, to photos of her first day after disembarking in the UK from her trip across the channel.

The man who imported her is called Mr B and I just could not resist getting in touch with him online to tell him: “She’s in safe hands”.

I also hope Mr B will be able to shed some light on some aspects of her history and bodywork which aren’t so clear.

Anything between 1964 and 2007 when she was in Germany is pretty much unknown and I suspect I may have to get in touch with the Germans soon.