Babette's first service of 2016, meets her elders...

The 2CV Shop is a leading 2CV specialist conveniently located 40 miles away from Babette's cosy Dorset garage. (If you want to buy a restored 2CV, they have some beautiful ones there)

Their proximity is a real relief and a reasonable enough distance to be able to drive her in for service a couple of times a year. If you think about it... it's harder and harder to find anyone who has knowledge of those cars and parts. Not sure what the local Citroen garage would make of it if I were to bring Babette in!

When I bought Babette back in November the seller assured me she was fully serviced back in July prior to the MOT but lacking the paperwork. 

I've only driven Babette about 140km since I bought her but for peace of mind and safety I decided wisely not to trust the seller blindly. 

This turned out to be a good idea as the fuel gauge wasn't working... which I did suspect. Either that or Babette has quite an impressively low fuel consumption!

Luckily this is minor, not a real safety issue and apart from that nothing else was wrong with it.

Aesthetically though, I decided to order the fitting of a brand new interior lining since the previous one was just a little tired.

When I dropped Babette at the 2CV Shop, I couldn't help but notice a fine example of a rare old rusty 1952 2CV Type A parked outside. (A little similar to the one Chris Harris did a video about)

Well... I say fine but that's because I quite fancy the idea of a rusty old 2CV on the exterior yet with a sound chassis and engine. It was otherwise in a pretty sorry state.

I thought Babette was old... you should have seen that one. But what a beauty! These are increasingly impossible to find.

Makes me think I may get myself a (classic) less precious 2CV for those muddy Dorset roads actually.

Did I mention that my wife and I will go on a 2CV road trip this year along the small South West and Cornwall roads? I'm really looking forward to that and who knows... maybe one day with the help of sponsors a London - Bangkok?