Our best drive so far...

Saturday morning Chrystall and I collected Babette from the 2CV Shop in Sutton Veny, Wiltshire where we’d dropped her the previous week.

It was a beautiful crisp day and the road was dry although a little frosty.

We treated Babette to a full 12000 miles service which, although was not required, gave me peace of mind.

I had suspected she was not starting very well and this really improved her performance both starting up and driving as a whole.

The fuel tank sender was faulty and replaced, new spark plugs and spark plug wires, the interior lining tidied-up, engine and gearbox oil replaced and a few other bits and bobs. One comment from the garage was to keep an eye on the carburettor in the coming year.

OK… Ready to hit the road!

Before driving off, we had enough time there to admire a few other 2CVs parked outside the workshop, some in excellent condition… others less.


76150km on the odometer, fuel tank filled with 18 litres of unleaded… off we went.

Chrystall and I drove back from Sutton Veny on the narrowest and prettiest country lanes across Wiltshire and Dorset.

I really like Wiltshire. It’s slightly flatter than Dorset, so a bit more 2CV friendly.

A total of 49km took us about an hour including about three stops to take photos... of course.


And where did we end up? The local pub of course!

It wasn’t long before a few people stopped and commented on how beautiful Babette is, one even asked if she is new.

DSC02260 copy.jpg
DSC02302 copy.jpg

After a good pub lunch, we drove back home and left Babette our 1964 Citroen 2CV AZAM in her garage with 76205km on the odometer… until next time.