Before The Restoration - 1964 2CV AZAM

I've spent the past two weeks digging for information on Babette our 1964 2CV AZAM.

Well let me tell you, finding out the history of a car that's over half a century old is not easy, especially since most happened before the Internet, but it's kind of exciting and it gets the Sherlock Holmes out of me.

My research and its results have strengthened my belief that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the past century.

What I have found after emailing previous owners who themselves referred me to 2CV specialist garages has been very surprising and has revealed a lot on this classic 2CV.

And here is the fruit of my labour!

Two photos of Babette the 1964 2CV AZAM "dans son jus" as we say in France, before she was imported in 1987 to Germany for restoration, at the home of her initial owner in Vaucluse, France. 

The man who so brilliantly restored my 2CV AZAM sent me today an envelope containing no less than 39 photos documenting her restoration.

I'm amazed at how generous people can be with their time, after all he could have just told me to stop wasting his time!

Here's his email:

"At that time a friend of mine lived in south of France , near Carpentras and he found this car at an old man… you can see him on one of the pictures. We brought it to my place (in Germany) and we took half a year to build it up – it was an order job and the man made the car a present to his wife. So it was only this time the car spend in my company and after this time it disappeared out of my view for a long time and some day I discovered it on a platform in GB for sale and I was very surprised to see it in such a good condition"

More coming soon!