Classic Wedding Car - Dorset

Looking for a classic wedding car? Dorset and Wessex as a whole certainly have their share of them.

But in reality, what says South West England more than a fully restored, left drive 1964 French 2CV called Babette?

That's exactly what we thought but then we just carried on for the sake of originality. Maybe the fact I'm half French clouded my judgement a little.

When my beautiful wife Chrystall and I got married near Sherborne, West Dorset we weren't in possession of Babette yet. So instead we used the next most powerful alternative: A horse drawn carriage with the equivalent horsepower of two.

Babette is a perfect example of a full restoration done with taste. It was stripped apart to its iron underwear and given the care usually only applied to high end cars, finished with a beautiful lick of paint.






If you've never had the chance to hear a 2CV engine, be ready to fall in love. It purrs and sings and charms anyone in its way.

Oh and did we forget the most important?

It's a CON-VER-TI-BLE! Yes, you can waive easily at the eager crowds.

So email us to inquire and come see Babette for yourselves.

We're located right between Sherborne (Dorset) and Yeovil (Somerset) and not far from Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire and Devon.

Book Babette for your wedding and have one more reason to remember this very special day!

Nico & Chrystall