Review of The 2CV Shop in Sutton Veny

Let me start by saying, if you care about your car and your wallet… do not use The 2CV Shop in Sutton Veny.

I had a very unpleasant experience and thought I’d help others not make the same mistake by writing my own review of The 2CV Shop in Sutton Veny.

I used them twice for a standard yearly service.


The first time, the car was handed back with grease marks on the seat fabric. Not what any classic car owner ever wants to see!

But it’s the second time which really took it too far.

In short I brought Babette for service and not only did it take long to be done, I kept emailing asking for an update as well as an update on cost, insisting I would need first to approve any additional costs / parts replacements etc…

None of my emails were ever replied to, nor were the messages I left on voicemail.

One day… I eventually got an email telling me the car was ready as well as a bill for 850 pounds.

This was exactly what I didn’t want, I just don’t like surprises.

I decided to pay the bill and never use them again but that wasn’t all.

Within a week the car started veering dramatically to the left each time I pressed on the brakes.

So much so Babette became too dangerous to drive.

Call that servicing a car?

So if you need to get your Citroen 2CV looked after, don’t use The 2CV Shop in Sutton Veny, if you do you will regret it so don’t say I didn’t warn you.