Why do people name their car?

I wonder why some of us name their cars...

Apparently as many as a third of car owners give a name to their car. I've always found that intriguing, fascinating and possibly slightly disturbing.

Personally, I never have until last month when we got our 1964 2CV, Babette.

Why did we name her Babette I hear you ask?

Simply because her previous owners called her that and it was written on a photo CD which came with her.

So all we did was go with it really.

A bit like when you adopt a cat and it comes with a name already attached to it. You're not going to rename it for your own sick pleasure and mess with the poor thing now are you?

But there's more to that.

Babette is a French name (our 2CV comes from France) and originates from Elisabeth... like... The Queen (Babette is now in the UK). 

Pretty awesome way to emphasize her dual nationality don't you think? Especially since I am half French half English too!

Babette's name day is officially the 17th of November, pretty much when I bought her.

Coincidences... I think not Watson!